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  • This Top Kansas City Home Builder is BUSY!

          The latest data from Kansas City’s Realtor Association continues to show a healthy housing market in Johnson County, Kansas.  New homes in the cities of Overland Park, Shawnee and Olathe continue to sell at a brisk clip. ...

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  • Thanksgiving Table

    Bone cold weary and next meal worry walk the lines.  Soup lines and welfare lines, the don’t-feed-me-a-line lines; just, can you lend me a bed, a meal, your time, maybe spare a dime? These are the blessed eight subsisters, the urban trawlers...

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  • Trick or Treat?

    Bickimer Homes enjoys a reputation as one of the top Kansas City home builders largely because of good old fashion hard work.  We come to work every day with one purpose in mind: building our customers’ new homes like we were building our own. ...

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  • Home Building: A Noble Profession 35 Years & Counting

                In the year 1982, Argentina went to war with Great Britain over the Falkland Islands, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album was released, NFL players went on strike, the Royals won...

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  • Three Dog Night, the Parade of Homes and Harvesters

           Whether you care to admit it or not, some of you out there participated in the rock and roll decade of the ‘70s.  One of the most successful bands of that era, Three Dog Night, had a big hit with song lyrics that included...

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  • Thou Shalt Not Steal Building Plans

           Bickimer Homes began in a time when cell phones were a figment of Martin “Marty” Cooper’s imagination and architects painstakingly drew house plans by hand on vellum paper that were then reproduced as blueprints. ...

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  • Have You Met Mr. Warranty Nightmare?

    Is Mr. Warranty Nightmare Knocking at Your Door?             Once upon a time there was a homebuilder whose idea of warranty service was to hire the most un-kept, foulest-smelling giant of a man...

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  • Avoid the “Builder’s Theorem 13” Predicament

    How to Avoid the “Builder’s Theorem 13” Predicament               We in the homebuilding business have our own unique version of Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go...

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  • Why Buy New? Why Buy Now?

    It’s the age old question:  Why buy a new home?  People have been asking themselves this question since time immemorial.  As a homebuilder, I have a vested interest in that question being answered in the positive.  Below, I have...

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  • Why Bickimer Homes?

      WHY BUILD WITH BICKIMER HOMES? 5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Purchase Your Next Home From BICKIMER HOMES:HGTV is must see TV for our Staff:Innovation and imagination drive our building designsWe Whistle while we Work:Your building experience...

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