A Labor Day Reminder

Bickimer Homes is privileged to build beautiful new homes in the nicest communities in Johnson County and Kansas City Metro.

Building New Homes in Kansas City

Recently we happened upon a construction site in one of those communities that reminded us that the homes we build are meant to be more than just Kansas City lumber and concrete.

The structure under construction was homely-looking at best, and definitely lacking in curb appeal.

Its floor plan antiquated, the workmanship amateurish.

Frankly, the place looked like something out of the 1800’s Wild West rather than anything we build in Twenty-First Century Johnson County.

And yet, we had to admire the imagination and industry of its builders, including their use of recycled materials considered scrap on other jobsites.

We marveled at the builders’ dedication as we watched them diligently work with hand tools that otherwise would be gathering dust.

And the more we watched the more we came to recognize their efforts for what they were.

A Kansas City Home Building Labor of Love

This was not just a job for them.

Theirs was a labor of love.  Something Bickimer Homes aspires to as homebuilders for families all across Johnson County.

These builders were a small outfit.

A crew of two.  A couple of lanky, pre-teen neighborhood boys happily working with their hands.

Creating something out of nothing.

It occurred to us they are a fine example of why we celebrate Labor Day.

And we were proud.

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