Quality Home Builders in Johnson County, KS

We know choosing a homebuilder is a difficult decision.  We also know you won’t regret choosing Bickimer Homes to build your dream home.  Every decision we make and every action we take has the best interests of our customer in mind.  We strive each and every day for 100% customer satisfaction.

Each new Bickimer home is a unique product of art, science, and craftsmanship.  The homebuilding process begins with design, and we bring  years of expertise and imagination while employing the latest technology, architectural, and décor ideas.  Cultivating and negotiating with our suppliers on an ongoing basis to find and purchase quality materials at the most competitive prices are an important ingredient as well.  Finally, we are only as good as the building trades and craftsmen who work for us.  A number of our building partners have worked with us for many years.  They know when they step onto a Bickimer jobsite they need to bring their best work with them.

It is our job to orchestrate and supervise the efforts of over 50 different trades and suppliers.  We bring over three decades of experience and knowledge to the homebuilding process and have a stellar reputation with the trades and suppliers as well as with the municipal inspection departments throughout the area who are the first to grade the quality of our work.  Bickimer has developed detailed systems and procedures to ensure the highest quality for your new home.  Our staff is dedicated to building the perfect house.  And while that’s not possible, we have the quality controls in place to promptly correct deficiencies and omissions when they occur, ever mindful of our rock-solid commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.

Our job is not done when you move into your new home.  For the next year we are there to help with problems that may occur.  Your new home is protected by a comprehensive one year written warranty program administered by Bickimer Homes.  Unlike other builders in our industry, we do not use a third-party warranty program, choosing instead to directly attend to and oversee all of your warranty needs.  Whether you are buying an existing new home for sale by Bickimer, or are building with us from the very start of construction, be assured we are striving to the best of our ability and experience to deliver a quality product at a competitive sales price backed by an assurance that we will be there for you today, tomorrow, and the next day, just as we have for the last 35 years.


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