Our New Construction Process

We Make Building a New Home in Kansas City Easy!

Contract Stage: Sign Contract. Discuss earnest money and loan options. Discuss building process and schedule.

Pre-Construction Meeting: Review Plot Plan. Review plan and plan modifications. Review Contract. Discuss timeline and proposed schedule.

New Construction Starts: After Excavation, Bickimer will contact Buyer notifying them of outcome of dig. At this time, Client should start meeting with Decorator to begin selections.

Rough-In Meeting: After home is framed, Bickimer and Client will meet at home to discuss Plumbing, Low Voltage, Cabinets, and Electrical Options. This is approx. a 90 min meeting. By this meeting your selections with Plumber and Appliance supplier need to be finalized. If they are not finalized, your close date will not be guaranteed and can/will change. We will also review the remaining meeting dates, confirm closing date, and provide a Selection Deadline Date.

Trim Meeting: Bickimer and Buyer will meet at home to discuss Trim plan and alternate Trim Options. By this meeting, all selections need to be finalized. If your selections are not completed, your close date will not be guaranteed and will change.

Pre-Closing Walk-Thru/Homeowner Introduction: Bickimer will walk home with Client and educate them on the home’s systems and insure that the home meets Bickimer’s and Client’s quality expectations. Any item noted at this walk will be corrected before closing or scheduled to be complete as soon as possible after closing. We will also discuss 1-year warranty procedures.

Communication: Builder will provide contact information to the buyer for the Construction Manager that is charged with over-seeing the home-building process. We strive to communicate effectively. Builder recommends that all communication is done via email and that phone calls are followed up with an email. Builder will not be responsible for any verbal communication and/or miscommunication. We value communication and encourage it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns.