Avoid the “Builder’s Theorem 13” Predicament

How to Avoid the Builder’s Theorem 13 Predicament

              We in the homebuilding business have our own unique version of Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong).  Builder’s Theorem 13 postulates if you expect something to go wrong, chances are anything will go wrong.

        There are over 40 trades and some 40,000 components involved in the construction of your new home.  Those daunting numbers make it really tough to build the perfect house.  Bickimer Homes has been building for 35 years.  We have earned a reputation for being very good at what we do, but we have yet to build the perfect house.

        We’re not sure about Builder’s Theorem 13, but we do believe our customers can have an enjoyable building experience.  Building your dream home is a collaborative effort between our team of professionals and you.  We take your faith in us seriously.  We stand behind our work during construction and honor our warranty of that work after you move in.

        We prefer the Bickimer Homes’ Formula for Success when building your dream home:

(Expertise + Dedication) X (The Power of Positive Thinking) =

An Enjoyable Building Experience