Grandparents Day

It was with mixed emotions that I recently attended my first Grandparents Day.

        There are few things better than being a Grandpa. The innocence, wonder, hue and cry of little ones running through the house once again is like drinking from the fountain of youth.

        But I have to say, I don’t see myself as old.  Sure, I’ve lost a step or two, or three, but I’m blessed with good health and still of sound mind when I’m busy not forgetting where I put the car keys.

        So it was with mixed emotions that I went to Grandparents Day.  Proud as heck to be grandpa to my grandchild, and yet not so certain I belonged with all the gray hairs walking into school.

        The program the kids put on was cute, their performances earnest.  We grandparents beaming with pride while grappling to get the best camera shot.

        Cookies and punch were served, and as I looked about the room, it hit me.  Here was the embodiment of the circle of life, from the very young and their limitless potential to the not so young and the hard-earned wisdom of their years.  How good it was to witness the best we each could offer.  That is what Grandparents Day is all about.  Wouldn’t it be grand if every day were so?  Wouldn’t our world be a little more accepting, a little more forgiving, a little more hopeful?

        For 37 years, Bickimer Homes has been building homes across the continuum that is the Circle of Life.  From young couples beginning a journey of a lifetime, to the empty nesters ready to enjoy the fruits of their labors.  From the pre-K first day of school families to the college-bound families.  Single parents, working parents, and retirement just around the corner parents.  Each story unique and special, and so it is that we at Bickimer Homes strive to make their homes unique and special- a sanctuary where potential and wisdom bring out the best in each other.

        Bickimer Homes, building dreams on a solid foundation since 1982.