Home Buyers Tool Kit

You just moved into your new home and are getting settled when a doorknob becomes loose.  What do you do?  You have been tasked with hanging family pictures and pieces that have been purchased and you can’t seem to get them level or right height.  The brand new wood floors have a small scratch in them from moving in the new couch.

The above scenarios are commonplace and happen all the time not just in new homes but in all homes.  They are easy fixes that anyone can do with the correct tools and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  While the items necessary for your Home Buyers Tool Kit are not the most exciting purchases you will make for your new home at some point in your home ownership you will be thankful for each of these…

  1. Screwdriver– flat head and Phillips (#2 and #3): Most small jobs around the house can be fixed with a screwdriver.  Changing batteries in a smoke detector, tightening doorknobs, installing weather-stripping, raising adjustable thresholds, securing TP holders or towel bars.  It is one of the most versatile tool that you can own.
  2. Pliers- slip joint: Along with a screwdriver, pliers are your best friend.  When most people think of pliers, they think of slip joint pliers.  These are the pliers that have an adjustable pivot point that allows the two parts of the jaw to be shifted in relation to one another.  Slip joint pliers are great for gripping, bending, crimping and if necessary loosen or tighten a nut.
  3. Hammer– you don’t need a framing hammer but a regular, general duty type of hammer will do just fine.  Great for hanging pictures, setting hinge pins that work their way up, back scratcher, ice breaker, hole digger, etc.
  4. Measuring tape– 16’ or 25’: need to know how high off the floor you need to hang that picture or shelf to make sure they are even with the next one.  Great to determine if door ways are big enough to bring in that new piece of furniture or big screen TV
  5. Level– two types I recommend- 4’ bubble level and a line laser level:  The laser level will have a tack on both ends that you can secure to a wall or surface and will shoot a laser line out for you to use as a guide to install that screw or nail.  The 4’ bubble level is good to have around if you are going to install that new playset for the kids in the backyard.
  6. Ladder– 6’ or an 8’:  that lightbulb or the battery in the smoke detector won’t change itself.
  7. Allen Wrench Set– also known as hex keys or allen keys:  the handles on your plumbing fixtures have a tiny set screw that will need to be tightened from time to time.  You’re gonna need an allen wrench to get the job done.  They are also useful for putting furniture or Christmas gifts together
  8. Caulk Gun– You will have to fill in the gaps when the caulk around the windows shrinks over time.
  9. 5 gallon bucket– Extremely versatile.  Use it as a step stool, tool box, a seat, hold water, carry dirt, etc.
  10. Utility Knife– as the name suggests, it is a great, versatile knife that can be used for all sorts of tasks:  opening a box/package, cutting a loose thread, whittling, sharpening pencils, cutting zip ties, cutting cardboard up to fit in the trash can, stripping wire, cutting rope, getting gum out of carpet, tightening screws, making a hole in your belt, among other things.

Hope that you have enjoyed my list.  The longer you are a homeowner, the more tools you will collect and use for odd jobs around the house.  This should get you started and on your way.