Johnson County Home Builder Stricken By March Madness

        Thirty-five year old Bickimer Homes went in for their annual physical today.  Test results confirmed they have the heart of a lion and the strength of Hercules.  Unfortunately, their bracketology screening revealed Bickimer had contracted a severe case of March Madness. 

        Their physician, Dr. James Naismith, explained that while the illness was not fatal, it generally lasted two to three weeks, depending on how far the Kansas Jayhawks advanced in the NCAA Tournament.  Dr. Naismith, a pioneer in the March Madness field, told Bickimer to expect any and all symptoms associated with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

        While there is no known cure to March Madness, the good doctor was confident a healthy dose of house sales would go a long way towards making Bickimer Homes feel better.  Naismith recommended that Bickimer follow a strict regimen of building brand new Johnson County homes with heavy doses of innovation, quality construction and customer care.  Following doctor’s orders, Bickimer Homes, a top Johnson County home builder, has opened model homes in a number of Johnson County subdivisions to handle the high volume of walk-ins, many of whom are expected to be suffering from the same affliction.

      Help Bickimer Homes fight March Madness while at the same time feeling good about finding the home of your dreams.  Wave the wheat and rock chalk it on to our website, Instagram or Facebook page to find your Johnson County new home built by one of Kansas City’s top home builders.      

Johnson County Home Builder March Madenss