Modern Day Pilgrims

Modern Day Pilgrims Vlog Transcript

       Hi everyone, Builder Tom here, and, my goodness, what a year this has been.  Like many of you, Bickimer Homes and its employees have had to cope with the continuing medical and economic hardships attached to the Covid pandemic.  If there ever was a year to remind us of what the first Pilgrims went through as they sought to gain a foothold in the New World, this would be it.

        It’s pretty safe to say that those first Pilgrims would not have survived the hardships they encountered without the help of our country’s Native Americans.

       How many of us have had to rely on the help of others during this pandemic?  How many of us witnessed how these difficult times are best shouldered as a community rather than faced alone?

        Despite a tremendously challenging year, the employees of Bickimer Homes have much to be thankful for.  First and foremost, we thank our customers for their patience and understanding, we also thank our subcontractors and suppliers for their flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile, and, finally, we’re thankful for our families who have supported and encouraged us during those times when our jobs felt overwhelming.

        They say adversity builds character, but I think it also proves character.  This year has certainly proved to me what I already knew- that there isn’t a better group of people I would rather work with than the employees at Bickimer Homes.

       Recently, I heard a friend of mine say that Thanksgiving is about the three “Fs”:  family, food and faith.  This year I think we can add to that list, fortitude.

        Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.