Homebuilding: A New Olympic Event?

Homebuilding: A New Olympic Event? Vlog Transcript

      Hello sports fans, Builder Tom here,  reporting live from Johnson County, Kansas with your Tokyo Olympics update. 

      In three of the new Olympic events taking place this year, Carissa Moore of the United States won the inaugural gold medal in women’s surfing and USA’s Jagger Eaton took home the first-ever bronze medal in men’s skateboarding.  Homebuilding also made its Olympics debut; yes, that’s right, homebuilding, and what a debut it was:  Team USA, led by Bickimer Homes and its captain, Tommy Bickimer, struck gold in all four of the homebuilding field events-  architectural design, craftsmanship, customer service, and best value.

      Folks, I’ve been covering the Olympics for almost forty years, and I’ve never seen a performance like I witnessed today.  Years of hard work paid off in a big way for a Bickimer Homes team that has been building towards this moment since 1982.  I caught up with Captain Bickimer after the medal ceremony and he had this to say about his team’s overwhelming success:  “Couldn’t be prouder of our team.  Their experience and willingness to give it their all is what brought home the gold.”

      Well, Captain Bickimer, your team’s dedication certainly paid off today.  What a great story.  Congratulations to all the Bickimer Homes customers who are seeing their dreams come true thanks to the gold medal performance of Bickimer Homes.

    That’s your Olympics update.  Reporting from Johnson County, Kansas, I’m Builder Tom.  Good night.