Summer Nights in Johnson County

Summer Nights in Johnson County, Kansas Vlog Transcript

Hi everybody, have you noticed?  The locusts are back.  This, their time between the Fourth of July and the beginning of school, when the days are too hot to go to the pool, when lawns turn brown, when we wait in our air-conditioning for the locusts’ all-clear signal that it’s okay to come out and play. 

        The orange sun falls below the horizon and the symphonic sound of countless locusts grow louder and louder as the shadows grow longer and longer.  Time to venture outside to water parched flowers or maybe check the garden before taking a seat on the deck or front porch.  The rumble of a distant train, a lawnmower down the street, the ghostly sound of neighbor voices carried to us on a gentle breeze.

        Dusk descends and lightning bugs announce their presence.  They are miniature beacons of light chased by children freed from the tethers of TV and video games.  Neighbors come out and visit on the sidewalk while their kids run through yards all the way past their bedtime.  And their parents let them be; they’ll be back in their school routine soon enough- let the kids be kids, these summer nights are really for them, after all.

        Summer nights in Johnson County.  Bickimer Homes has been building in neighborhoods like yours for thirty-seven summers.  The houses Bickimer builds are cool and comfortable, but what is really cool to us, is giving folks the opportunity to experience summer nights like these- when the world slows down, and locusts and lightning bugs remind us of our own childhood summers.  It’s good to know that some things need not change.

        Bickimer Homes, building summer dreams on a solid foundation since 1982.