The Dog Days of Summer in Johnson County

Browned-out lawns, annual flowers incinerated, parents counting down the days to the start of the school year in Johnson County.  Yes sir, the dog days of summer have officially arrived.  Unofficially, many of us would argue that they began back in May-  too hot too soon!

Bickimer Homes has new home job sites scattered across Johnson County’s nicest subdivisions and, boy, is it tough to be working on those jobs when it hits 90 degrees before 10am and the sun is beating down and you have to drink two gallons of water to make it to quitting time.  Bickimer Homes is incredibly blessed with contractors who continue to perform at a high level under very difficult conditions.

The show must go on, though.  Interest rates are still ridiculously low, demand is high and the Great Recession is not too distant a memory for those of us who survived it.  We are thankful for the work.

There is a bright side to these dog days of summer.  Despite of, or more likely, because of being overheated, sunstroked and dehydrated, Bickimer Homes is making it a cool breeze for customers to buy one of our newly completed Johnson County homes.  Visit us at to find out where you can chill in the brand new home of your dreams.