The Perils of Being a Homebuilder

The Perils of Being a homebuilder vlog transcript

        Hi everyone, Tom Bickimer here.  Last month I talked about the housing industry’s struggle with escalating lumber prices.  It wasn’t meant to be a pity party for us homebuilders, but more of an infomercial for families considering the purchase of a new home.

        Well, I’m back again to explain that homebuilders are also experiencing other material and labor shortages.  You’ve heard how the lack of one single part, a micro-chip, has crippled the auto industry, now imagine what is happening in the housing industry.  We can dig basements all day long, but when and if the material and labor is available to complete these homes is another matter.

        Once again, look no further than the pandemic as the primary culprit.  Mills and manufacturing plants operating at less than capacity for the past year while housing demand skyrocketed is a textbook formula for material scarcity, double digit inflation and a bad case of heartburn for homebuilders.  Bickimer Homes has been blessed to be very busy, but we also recognize that too many families have been left on the sideline as new homes becomes less and less attainable. 

        The current housing crisis we face today, and yes this is a crisis, is compounded by a skilled labor shortage that is not easily solved.  But, let’s start with this:  A thriving skilled labor force is this country’s incubator for economic opportunity and entrepreneurship.  Skilled labor is an honorable profession that does not come encumbered with a mountain of student debt.  Parents and high school administrators, encourage your teenagers to explore a fulfilling career in a skilled trade.

        And so, consider this another public service announcement by builder Tom.  Bickimer Homes will be fine.  What concerns me is I can’t say the same about the American Dream.