Top 5 Reasons to Build a Home in Kansas City

These are the top 5 reasons to Build a Home in Kansas City

  1. Right Floor Plan for the Right Life– when buying or building a new home, you get to choose the floorplan that best suits your needs.  You can have that spacious office, the heart room with high ceilings and the gourmet kitchen.  Being able to get what you want is key.  Plus, you can have the ability to further customize the plan if the need arises- finish the basement with the custom bar, turn that 3 car garage into a 4 car garage.
  2. Customization– Meet your designer and choose the colors you want to make that house a home.  Even better, you won’t have to live with the mess of a re-model since it is being done “right” the first time.  Not only do you choose the colors, but you get to choose the flooring- carpet, tile, wood; the granite, the plumbing fixtures, the light fixtures, landscape design, interior hardware, etc.  The house is made into the home that you want
  3. Energy Efficiency– New homes are just built better and more energy efficient than an existing home.  Your new home will be more comfortable due to the energy efficiency of it.  The building envelope is sealed better than older homes.  The HVAC system and the appliances are new and more efficient than older ones.  The insulation is better.  All of our homes are independently rated to receive a HERS Index score thus offering a tangible comparison to older homes and information on the efficiency of the new home.
  4. Low MaintenanceA new does not require the maintenance of an older home.  Routine proper maintenance is all that is needed.  Building materials these day are designed and manufactured better to be low maintenance and have longer lifespans than in the past.  Since it is new, you can keep up with it all because everything won’t be needing replacing at once.  Furthermore, you will have the knowledge (warranty and maintenance booklet provided) to tackle it.  All the appliances- furnace, a/c, stove, microwave, water heater, etc.- are new.  With average lifespans of 9-15 years (depending upon appliance/system), you are in the clear for some time for a new one.  Furthermore, the exterior shell of your new home- stucco, siding, stone, brick, etc- is new and only requires routine annual maintenance and check-ups.  No worry to about wood rot, dry rot, etc.
  5. IntegrityRest assured that your new home is built with integrity and experience.  As home builders we pride ourselves in building new homes in Kansas City that combine the latest technology and design features with quality-control procedures that will stand up to the test of time.

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