Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!

        Halloween is right around the corner.  Kids are making their final, final decisions on their costumes.  Will there will be any ghosts out there looking suspiciously like old bed sheets with eye holes cut in them?  How about shiver me timber pirates with burnt cork instant beards?  Or mummies oozing copious amounts of blood pouring from mom’s lipstick?  What’s that you say?  Those homemade costume days are long gone?  This Halloween, expect to see Donald Trump and Patrick Mahomes look a likes, Walking Dead zombies and an assortment of Disney princesses. 

        Anyhow, the candy has been purchased (the good kind, in case there are leftovers for mom and dad).  The pumpkin patch visited, that perfect pumpkin agonized over and then brought home to be inevitably dropped on its head and separated from its stem before tragically falling victim to a gruesome knifing attack.

        On that fateful All Hallows’ Eve, dusk can’t arrive soon enough for our little goblins to be let loose into our safe and quiet Johnson County neighborhoods.  Most of them only vaguely understanding this strange annual ritual that nevertheless produces pillow cases full of candy.

        Doorbells will be impatiently pushed in machine gun fashion.  You’ll open the door of your brand new Bickimer home and be greeted by Trick or Treat!  Three words that can be shouted in chorus or mumbled as a solo.  They can be demanding or pleading, stated as fact or breathless wonder.  However they are conveyed, there is an expectation that can’t be denied:  You will hand over the candy.

        After you close the door and wait for the next round of machine gun fire, maybe, just maybe, you’ll think about the nice neighborhood you live in, and how it was such a treat (pun intended) to work with Bickimer Homes.  How they helped make this moment possible for you and your family.  Because, Bickimer Homes gets it:  Homebuilding is as much about family as the sticks and mortar. 

        There’s the doorbell again. 

        “Trick or Treat!”

        Bickimer Homes.  Building dreams on a solid foundation for over thirty-six Halloweens.