Have You Met Mr. Warranty Nightmare?

Is Mr. Warranty Nightmare Knocking at Your Door?

            Once upon a time there was a home builder whose idea of new home warranty service was to hire the most un-kept, foulest-smelling giant of a man he could find and send him out to deal with his customers’ warranty issues.  What’s more, this builder made sure a winning personality was nowhere to be found in the service guy’s tool bag. 

      Naturally, homeowners were not inclined to let Mr. Warranty Nightmare in their door, let alone address their warranty concerns.  Genius! Thought the pleased as punch home builder, no more warranty headaches.  It wasn’t long, though, before he discovered that while his warranty complaints had dropped dramatically, so had his sales.  No more warranty headaches turned into the much more serious malady of no more business. 

      These days our once upon a time home builder is a customer service rep for one of the area’s cable providers.  And his warranty guy?  Mr. Warranty Nightmare?  Oh, he’s still around, but if you live in a Bickimer home- no worries, you’re safe, he’ll never come knocking at your door.

      Bickimer Homes has been building new homes and taking care of its customers for 35 years.  We don’t view new home warranty work as a headache but an important service we provide our homeowners.  It is a big reason why we aim to be in business for the next 35 years.