Amos & Freddy & Bickimer Homes

Amos Otis, Fred Patek, Tom and Mary Bickimer.  Four names you’ve never seen together, until now. Amos Otis was a star player with the Kansas City Royals when Tom was a boy. Amos patrolled centerfield with a royal blue ball glove and made playing the outfield for Kansas City look effortless.  Tom had a blue glove of his own and attempted to catch everything one-handed just like his favorite player.  You would not call Tom’s outfield play “effortless.”

When Mary was growing up, Freddy Patek was her favorite Royals player.  Like Freddy, she happens to be vertically challenged.  Despite his diminutive size, Freddy was a very good shortstop, and Mary never let her diminutive size get in the way of being a big Royals fan.

This year the Royals organization is celebrating their 50th season.  Mary and Tom attended a game recently and some of the old ballplayers were honored for their contributions to the team.  George Brett was there, so was Brett Saberhagen, Frank White and, yes, Amos Otis.  No Freddy Patek, though.  For Mary and Tom, it was like Paul Simon singing “Where have you gone, Freddy Patek?”- not quite the same as “Joe DiMaggio,” but you get the picture.

So, what in the world does this have to do with Bickimer Homes?  Well, seeing Amos and those old-timers reminded Tom and Mary that they had their own share of contributors to the early success of Bickimer Homes, the company they started 36 years ago.  The Bickimers are thankful for all their former employees and customers who helped make Bickimer Homes one of the top homebuilders in Johnson County.

Unlike this year’s Royals, the current Bickimer Homes team is loaded with talent.  Led by veteran manager, Tommy Bickimer, and his experienced coaching staff, Bickimer Homes is well on its way to having another banner year.  Check out their all-star lineup at or visit their model homes in some of the best communities in Johnson County.

Oh, and if you happen to bump into Freddy Patek, please tell him Mary is still his biggest fan.