Building Dreams on a Solid Foundation for 40 Years

Building Dreams on a Solid Foundation for 40 years!

Bickimer Homes culminated a year-long celebration of its 40th year in business by recently hosting a golf tournament to raise funds for our favorite charity, The Promise of Learning Foundation. 

          We invited our business partners to come out for a day of fun while raising money for a great cause.  An amazing 80 golfers participated and another 21 tournament sponsors lent their financial support, as well.

The weather was ideal and the event a spectacular success, leaving all of us at Bickimer Homes deeply grateful for the business relationships that are so critical to the success of our business.

          Years ago, our President, Tommy Bickimer, coined our company’s motto, Building Dreams On a Solid Foundation.  The “solid foundation” part took on a new meaning for Mary and I as we spent the day visiting with acquaintances that in many cases span decades of working together.  You see, it takes more than building a house the right way to be successful in our business.  Ultimately, it is the strength of the relationships Bickimer Homes has with the companies we do business with that become an integral part of the foundation our motto speaks to.  Our customers see how important those relationships are, as do our employees.  Relationships forged by men and women who not only ably represent our business partners but also go the extra mile helping Bickimer Homes deliver the American Dream. 

          You don’t hear it said so much anymore, but it used to be that the ultimate compliment one could pay a person is to say, “So and so is good people.”  It may not be grammatically correct, but there’s no better description of the professionals Bickimer Homes does business with.

          40 years.  Wow.  I can’t put into words how amazing that is to Mary and I.  Just know we are extremely grateful and blessed and look forward to watching Bickimer Homes continue to be a leader in our industry for many years to come.  Thank you.