Confessions of a Kansas City Home Builder

I am NOT the stereotypical Kansas City home builder of your parent’s generation. Today, home builders in Kansas City are COMPANIES run by highly-educated professionals like myself.  These are my Confessions of a Kansas City Home Builder:

My business plan was not written on the napkin I used at lunch, and my company, Bickimer Homes, will continue to exist even if I should keel over from a massive coronary.

I am professional in manner and attire. I’m a jeans guy, but you won’t see whether I’m wearing boxers or briefs when I bend over. I wear dress shirts, not food-stained t-shirts bought at the last Kenny Chesney concert.

I don’t chew, spit, smoke or drink on the job. I drive a truck because I like to, not because it is my office.

I am a businessman who can read a financial statement. I am the head of a homebuilding company in Kansas City who employees highly qualified individuals with college degrees in business, accounting and construction management.

Our employees have amassed countless hours of continuing education in our chosen field.

I do not wear a tool belt to work.

I am responsible for the operations, personnel and financial well-being of Bickimer Homes. Our devoted staff oversees dozens of independent contractors performing hundreds of skilled tasks. We do not cut corners.

We do not spitball pricing.

We deliver a quality product at a fair price.

Bickimer Homes is one of the oldest and most respected home builders in Kansas City.

Technologically savvy and customer friendly, we create beautiful, structurally-sound homes. Our company specializes in building new homes in Johnson County, Kansas.

One of the largest homebuilders in Kansas, Bickimer Homes is not a slap it on and go company.

We adhere to excellence, not sloppiness. You should expect nothing less when entrusting a Kansas City homebuilder with the single biggest investment in your lifetime.

So you see, BICKIMER HOMES is MUCH MORE than the one man band contractor of yesteryear.

We are a business employing the most knowledgeable and skilled people in our industry. I care. Our employees care.

The craftsmen we work with care. Building dreams on a solid foundation is not just a motto, it’s our mission. Let us prove it to you.

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